Important update from Elsa: a change of destination

A message from Elsa in the Pacific:

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed the silence and lack of any westward push over the last couple of days from me and Darien. Things have been busy here with phone calls, emails, and lots of difficult decision-making...

...I am being advised that, even if I do manage to punch my way westward against the wind and waves from this position, the likelihood of meeting volatile weather (tropical cyclones, hurricanes) on the way across is greatly increased both by the more southerly latitude that I’ll be rowing at and the increasing lateness of the year.

I’ve thought long and hard about this, and have decided, with advice, that the most sensible decision is to alter course for a different destination... read more

Please also see the Q&A on Elsa's change of plans.

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The Row

Elsa will row 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean, as the only European female in the Great Pacific Race – the first of its kind in the Pacific.

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2400 miles: 2400 women

Elsa will celebrate inspirational women across the globe, and is inviting people to sponsor and dedicate miles to women of their choice.

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An inspirational row for inspirational causes. Elsa is rowing in support of environmental and gender equality charities.

Rowing the Pacific is an enormous challenge, but with her determination, dedication, and discipline, I have the greatest confidence in Elsa’s success. I will be wishing her fair winds and following seas!

Roz Savage World record-holding ocean rower, and patron of the Plastic Oceans Foundation

Elsa is unique, fearless and an inspiration to us all. We are so proud that she has chosen to support GREAT - she is the embodiment of everything we stand for.

Mariella Frostrup Journalist, TV presenter, and founder of the GREAT Initiative